Our mission is especially dedicated to providing the highest level of quality assurance in drilling and directional drilling engineering services to our  national and international client base.  To that end, we strive to give a highly responsive level of service, an extraordinary attention to detail, and a very rapid reaction to their unique challenges.  

BORAIS is committed to creating and maintaining cooperative relationships throughout the industry and higher education in order to establish long term potential for innovative collaborations while maximizing professionalism and a concern for safety within a warm familial business environment. 

Our management philosophy is driven by and fully committed to closing the gender gap in engineering by continuing to expand employment opportunities for women through our family-friendly occupational policies. 

BORAIS record of successful solutions has spanned nearly a quarter of a century and we hope to continue to expand our operations for another century. The harmony that drives our internal management philosophies permeates all our industrial and educational interactions.



Optimize Human Resources maintain the highest levels of quality assurance in drilling and directional drilling engineering services by attracting and retaining the most professional and competent staff provide work over and production engineering HS&E continue education and training of administrative and field team members in order to provide cutting edge services in an evolving business environment provide field training to maximize skill levels and creativity of all staff and project participants


Enhance Product Development

expand the availability of creative and innovative tools to address the contemporary challenges of the industry contribute to the development of brown and marginal oil fields

Borais Framework for Successful Innovation

Providing solutions (DIDIE)

Define the problem
nvestigation the root causes
Develop the solution
Implement the solution
Evaluate the result