Borais was found in 1984 as Borais Oil Services Company specializing in Directional Drilling Services.

The original team was composed of 6 technical  professionals engineers who together represented 50 years of experience. 

In 1992  Borais created  Research and Development Department. which succeeded  to invent and produce a cost effective new tools and new products. 

Some of the products listed on the  website demonstrate  more than 15 years of technological development to address industrial challenges, thus solidifying our corporate identity as a provider of innovative and rapid solutions to industry.


In 1994 Borais oil services became Borais Petroleum Investment co. a free zone company .

Today Borais has grown to 48 dedicated professionals who   together have advanced problem-solving operations that culminated in 42 inventions and patents serving the  oil industry.



Borais  has a successful track record of many directional wells, extended reach, horizontal wells, and side tracks drilling projects since 1984.

In 1989 Borais Designed, manufactured and performed the first Borais-innovated tool for slot recovery Deflecting Conductor Sleeve (DCS).


In 1992 Borais Designed and drilled the first hook-type well.


In 1993 Borais was responsible for drilling the first 8 ” horizontal well ever created in Egypt.

Conceptualized, manufactured, and implemented an additional 8 innovative tools with very high success ratio.


The dedicated technicians of Borais R & D Department invented 32 more tools as unique innovations to address problems encountered in the field.


Borais strives to encourage innovation among engineers and to create bridges between academic and industrial communities by creating incentives including the annual $10,000 Borais Innovation Award.   Since 1992, the award has facilitated new talent as well as provide the product development infrastructure necessary to make these conceptual designs a reality.

ISO 9001-2000 since 2004.