At Borais, we are fully aware that service means more than just attaining minimum project objectives.

To that end, our comprehensive Client Services Unit is dedicated to full service coverage ranging in every project phase from problem identification to elimination.

Specialized aspects of Borais customer service includes:

strategically assisting customers in identifying their needs

matching our key service activities to uniquely integrate with customer operations

delivering superior service

follow-up that includes exquisite attention to detail throughout every phase of project

Given the increasingly competitive business environment of today, it is crucial for us to provide superior service, but also to do so within the available financial, time, and other resource constraints.

Clients base their purchasing decisions on the service they receive, not just price, quality and availability.

Building superior clients service into our business:

incorporate customer service strategies into our business and marketing plan

developing our business vision that reflects our commitment to extraordinary client service and allowing customers to know about our capability making sure everyone involved in our business shares our commitment