The inspiration for the Borais Innovation Award is to:

provide financial incentives for engineers, scientists or other technical professionals to take innovative challenges addressing industrial solutions to encourage natural affinities between academic and industrial professionals by unifying these communities to create responsive solutions for applied challenges for field application to sensitize scientific and technological communities to the importance of cost-effective design solutions in day-to-day industrial praxis to expand the human resource and product development capabilities in our R & D Department

To provide access to the Borais network of human resources, marketing, and other infrastructural support enabling scientific and technological communities to optimally develop their innovative products in a cost-effective manner to alleviate and distribute the financial burdens and benefits of product innovation to private institutions beyond the university like Borais


Benefits You Get If You Are a Winner:

1) $ 10,000 Cash Award

2) Certificate of Recognition

3) Product development, marketing, and field testing using  our internal organizational infrastructure, professional network, human, and  other resources available through  Borais R & D Department

4) Flexible internship, monitoring, or other future career opportunities with Borais